We are Conviction

Seven years ago a group of strangers came together to kill bosses and have fun. We climbed the ranks of a competitive realm and fought for prestige and glory, earning our highest accolade of a US Top 40 kill. Through the years these strangers became friends, and the guild became a home. More than half a decade later, we continue to forge ahead with the same objective in mind: to kill bosses, and to have fun.

Progression on a casual schedule

Sacrificing your weeknights and putting in endless hours of progression for a chance at realm-first? We've been there, done that, and frankly we don't miss it. Today we raid on a two day schedule for a mere seven hours per week. Think it's not enough time to progress? We'll prove you wrong.

Tuesday 8:30pm-11:30pm EST
Sunday 7:30pm-11:30pm EST

Guild Streams

Check out the following streams for progression and farm raids:

MissTeeze - Rdruid
Sneww - Mage
Redrobin - Hunter

Recruitment restricted to players age 18+
Death Knight: ---
Demon Hunter: ---
Druid: ---
Hunter: Open
Mage: ---
Monk: MW, WW
Paladin: Ret
Priest: Shadow
Rogue: ---
Shaman: Elemental
Warlock: Open
Warrior: ---
The list above displays classes we are actively recruiting but we will consider any and all applicants regardless of class status.

Join our family

If you join us you won't find a group of strangers strung together from trade chat, you'll find a group of friends that have progressed together for years. We have the skills to advance through challenging content and the experience to guide us forward. And the best part of our family is that there's always room for more.

Contact Us

Real ID: Teeze#1321

Alternate Characters:
Real ID: Sneww#1110

Alternate Characters:
Real ID: BadLock#1975

Alternate Characters:
Real ID: Redrobin3#1532

Alternate Characters:

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