Looks like you're interested in applying
(and that's awesome)
but before you do, here's what we expect from our raiders:
You have to be here.

This guild raids for just 7 hours a week, but we wont let that stop us from pushing progression. If you're absent and we don't have a replacement on the bench, we can't raid and we just lost half of our raid week. One poorly timed absence can ruin us, and should it happen you will seriously risk losing your core raid spot.

That said, we understand that emergencies happen and we will accomodate you if any occur. But emergencies are rare. If you have a job or lifestyle that leads to frequent emergencies, you will be a liability to the raid, and we cannot justify having you in our core.

As a trial, we will hold you to a strict 100% attendance record for the length for your two-week trial period. Leaving early will count against you as an absence. As mentioned, we will accomodate for emergencies however the responsibility will be yours to show us that an emergency took place.

You have to be ready.

If we only raid for 7 hours a week, then every minute counts. We expect raiders and trials to show up with enough consumables to last the duration of the raid (we do supply cauldrons and feasts). If you want to gem and enchant loot during raid, have the mats on hand. Show up on time, and brownie points for showing up early enough to clear trash while the group forms. Take the initiative to help the raid, we're all in this together.

You have to be skilled, knowledgeable, motivated, and attentive.

We're competing with guilds that raid twice as long and we're keeping up with them, if not beating them. To equally progress in half as much time takes dedication and skill. We expect our raiders to know their classes inside and out, to know which specs are the best ones, to know their BiS lists, and to know how their class best approaches an encounter.

We expect our raiders to know fight strategies before we set foot in the instance. We expect our raiders to not die to avoidable damage, and if they do we expect them to feel disappointed. We expect our raiders to feel like they failed the guild when they die, so that on the next pull they will be sure to not do it again.

Lastly, we expect our raiders to know when the horseplay stops and when the seriousness begins. We're all friends here, we like to have fun during trash and during farm content. We like to kill AFKers during break, and we like to laugh. But we also like to kill bosses. When we're pulling and discussing strategy, we expect our raiders to be in progression mode. We expect them to buckle down and put the encounter at the forefront of their attention.

And above all, we expect our raiders to want to improve. No one is beyond needing improvement. We want our members to have the desire to do better--as a player, as a raider, and as a guild. And we expect them to posess the initiative needed to make the changes they need to make.
So, are you sure you want to apply?
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